Cris Cab – Echo Boom [Mixtape]

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Description: One thing that is sure hot about Miami is that Cris Cab is from there. At age nine, he begged his parents for a guitar and never looked back. Cris Cab is a young talented artist who just released his latest album, Echo Boom on January 31st.The album consists of twelve incredible mellow with a party twist style songs. Cris Cab is the type of artist that makes you want to blast his music loud in your car and take a trip to the beach. The album is soaked up with some amazing talents, with the likes of Pharrell, Wyclef, and Shaggy. A track that hit that spot for me was “Going Home” which featured Marc Roberge (of O.A.R.) on it. Echo Boom is by far some of the best work Cris Cab has released to date. Also check out his great covers of “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa and “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People on his Youtube. While you are at it, you might as well check out his other album, Foreword, on his Soundcloud and see how much he’s grown.

Cris Cab – Echo Boom [Mixtape] Tracklist

1. Cris Cab - 10. Gypsys On the Boulevard 3:57
2. Cris Cab - 9. Going Home ft. Marc Roberge of OAR 3:41
3. Cris Cab - 5. Turn You On ft. Melanie Fiona and Shaggy 4:13
4. Cris Cab - 6. Cross Your Fingers 3:18
5. Cris Cab - 8. What Cant We Do Here We Go Again ft. Daytona 4:30
6. Cris Cab - 1. Echo Boom ft. Pharrell Williams 3:05
7. Cris Cab - 2. Put In Work 4:10
8. Cris Cab - 11. One Thing 3:10
9. Cris Cab - 12. In My Dreams 3:20
10. Cris Cab - 3. Face to Face Snippet 1:32
11. Cris Cab - 7. Angels and Demons 4:03
12. Cris Cab - 4. Rihannas Gun ft. Mavado and Wyclef 4:35

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