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Eminem – Recovery Mixtape

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    • ??ng Kha

      I can’t download..can you help me..

    • Chris Don


    • Esrom Hwata

      Em u’sa killa

    • ufuk karabulut

      why the hell do i not download this ?

  • Rachel Vilner

    y i cant download?

    • http://www.MixTapes.TV MixtapeTV

      Not sure the download works fine on our end.

      What is the problem your having?

  • kike gonzallez

    i cant download this album how do i download it

    • http://www.MixTapes.TV MixtapeTV

      Are you receiving a error message of some sort?

  • dyron cleofa

    I cant download either

  • http://www.mixtapes.tv/members/esskie/ Andy

    Neither can I and to make matters worse I subscribed to a Premium accnt especially so I could dl this mixtape! >:(

    I got charged $5.99 TWICE & can’t d/l sh*t!!

    • http://www.MixTapes.TV MixtapeTV

      Could you confirm your PayPal email address so I can confirm your payment because I’m unable to find you in our records.

  • Carlos Caceres

    just listened all the way to track 7 and noticed that the track listing is off… if u listen clearly at the end of track 1 (helicopter propellers) and skip track 2 and go to track 3 u hear the chopper again.. so if u put it in dat order track 1 will flow clearly through to the next track with out being cut off. same goes for track 6 having to be in 5. (listen to the end of track 4 and beginning of 6 it will flow throughly)

    • http://www.MixTapes.TV MixtapeTV

      I noticed that as well but that’s the way tape was put together, I didn’t have anything with how the playlist was ordered.

  • donzel taylor

    this wont let me download it. it says the compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt.
    how do you download this

  • Chanell Meeka

    This s**t don’t work. How do you download? Where did you click?

    • http://www.MixTapes.TV MixtapeTV

      The button that says “Download Mixtape”.

  • David Gonzalez

    –i Cantt downloadd this mixxtapee either .

  • devonte blackman

    what is the zipfile password

  • Chris Don


  • http://www.mixtapes.tv/members/reigning/ Spruce Spruce

    Here We Go Again Chozen Wit These Dumb Fucks, This s**t Works Fine So Does The Download Link. Good Look