Jaden Smith – The Cool Cafe Cool Tape Vol. 1

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Jaden Smith - The Cool Cafe Cool Tape Vol. 1, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
Description: Jaden Smith has grown up so fast, he has a little base in his voice now and he's got a little swagger too. His rap skills have improved since we last heard him and you can hear it on this new mixtape "The Cool Cafe Cool Tape Vol. 1." Jaden Smith tackled a variety of different type of beat, some slow some fast and he's proven he has range. Check out the new mixtape, listen and download it.

Jaden Smith – The Cool Cafe Cool Tape Vol. 1 Tracklist

1. Jaden Smith - 01 - Hello Prod By The Stuyvesants 2:50
2. Jaden Smith - 02 - Know Why Inspired By Kid Cudi 3:24
3. Jaden Smith - 03 - Down Ft Omarr Tcoles Prod By Omarr Mk Of Stoopid Robots 4:15
4. Jaden Smith - 04 - Cries Inspired By Purity Ring 4:01
5. Jaden Smith - 05 - Party On Venus Prod By By Omarr Josiah Of Stoopid Robots 4:05
6. Jaden Smith - 06 - Pharaohs Btrkt Cover 2:36
7. Jaden Smith - 07 - Chase The Sun Ft Josiah Bell Prod By Josiah Omarr Of Stoopid Robots 4:05
8. Jaden Smith - 08 - The Coolest Prod By The Stuyvesants 2:57
9. Jaden Smith - 09 - Msfts Anthem Prod By Chaos Omarr Of Stoopid Robots 4:19
10. Jaden Smith - 10 - Cant See Tomorrow Ft Omarr Prod By Mk Omarr Of Stoopid Robots And Max Gendron 3:08
11. Jaden Smith - 11 - Jus Not Ready Ft T Coles Prod By Omarr Mk Of Stoopid Robots 4:00
12. Jaden Smith - 12 - First Time Ft T Coles Prod By Omarr Mk Of Stoopid Robots 4:40
13. Jaden Smith - 13 - Find You Somewhere Ft T Coles Prod By Omarr Mk Of Stoopid Robots 5:37
14. Jaden Smith - 14 - Cruze Prod By Azzi For Msftsrep 4:09
15. Jaden Smith - 15 - Pumped Up Kicks Like Me Foster People Cover 3:02
16. Jaden Smith - 16 - Underwater-Too Much Ft Omarr Josiah Bell Prod By Teo For Msftsrep Omarr Of Stoopid Robots 7:27
17. Jaden Smith - 17 - Outro Prod By The Stuyvesants 1:15
18. Jaden Smith - 18 - Hidden Bonus Track 5:31

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