Juicy J – Rubber Band Business

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Lex Luger

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Description: “I’mma say it like this right here my nigga, youknowimsayin? This mu’fucka jammin like a mu’fucka, youknowimsayin…get cho lighter, get cho mu’fuckin weed, get cho mu’fuckin blunts, get cho mu’fuckin weed papers, get cho mu’fuckin bitches together, get cho mu’fuckin pills, get everything you need to get to keep yo ass so motherfuckin fucked up while your listening to this motherfuckin mixtape. Get that shit, put that shit in yo system & just play this bitch nigga.”

Juicy J – Rubber Band Business Tracklist

1. Juicy J - Intro 1:04
2. Juicy J - Stunnas Do feat. Bill Wes 2:55
3. Juicy J - Smokin And Sippin 2:41
4. Juicy J - Rattin Azz 2:17
5. Juicy J - So Much Money 3:02
6. Juicy J - Party feat. Three-6-Mafia Roscoe Dash 3:45
7. Juicy J - Hit It From Da Back feat. Diamond Billy Wes 3:19
8. Juicy J - Niggaz Got Problems 2:46
9. Juicy J - I Aint Sparin Niggas 2:57
10. Juicy J - Flip That Bitch A Few Times 2:54
11. Juicy J - Get Me High feat. Reno V Slash 4:10
12. Juicy J - Boom feat. V Slash 3:27
13. Juicy J - Niggaz Violate 2:32
14. Juicy J - Do It Big 3:24
15. Juicy J - Take Sum feat. Project Pat 2:58
16. Juicy J - Hood Sprung 3:38
17. Juicy J - Dread Shakin feat. V Slash Reno 4:20
18. Juicy J - Im 100 2:03
19. Juicy J - Thats What Im Cockin feat. Sno 3:51
20. Juicy J - Take My Body Lay It Down feat. K Michelle 3:08
21. Juicy J - Girl After Girl feat. Nicki Minaj Gucci Mane 4:41
22. Juicy J - Signs feat. Three 6 Mafia Rick Ross Billy Wes 3:40
23. Juicy J - Outro 0:25

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