Lil Chuckee – Charles Lee Ray

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DJ Ill Will, Greg Street, DJ Rockstar

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Lil Chuckee - Charles Lee Ray, 4.6 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
Description: The Young Money Youngin\' Lil Chuckee teams up w/ DJ Ill Will, Greg Street & DJ Rockstar to drop his first MAJOR Official Mixtape \"Charles Lee Ray.\" Includes features from labelmates Lil Wayne, Jae Millz, Cory Gunz, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Lil Twist, Short Dawg & Shannel as well as Princess (Crime Mob), Fiend, T-Pain, Sean Garrett, Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter, Jody Breeze & MORE!

Lil Chuckee – Charles Lee Ray Tracklist

1. Lil Chuckee - 01. Charles Lee Ray Intro 1:33
2. Lil Chuckee - 02. Im Here Feat Shanell Prod By Td3K 2:03
3. Lil Chuckee - 03. Road To Success Prod By Dj Pain 1 Dividend Souls 4:21
4. Lil Chuckee - 04. Free Weezy Remix 2:32
5. Lil Chuckee - 05. Feel Good Music Prod By Big Hurt 4:20
6. Lil Chuckee - 06. Uptown Feat Lil Wayne Jae Millz Prod By Bj Beatz 4:36
7. Lil Chuckee - 07. Lights Out Prod By Dividend Souls 3:27
8. Lil Chuckee - 08. Stop Playin Feat Cory Gunz Bigga 500 Prod By Beatz Like Dis 4:08
9. Lil Chuckee - 09. Ooh Baby Feat Princess Crime Mob Prod By Monstarr 4:56
10. Lil Chuckee - 10. Torcher Feat Fiend Prod By Sean Brown 4:01
11. Lil Chuckee - 11. Believe It Feat T-Pain Prod By Fire 4:01
12. Lil Chuckee - 12. What They Hatin 4 Feat Roscoe Dash Prod By Ke 3:36
13. Lil Chuckee - 13. Break Thru Feat Mack Maine Prod By Ali Trues 5:21
14. Lil Chuckee - 14. Get The Record Straight Prod By Bj Beatz 3:27
15. Lil Chuckee - 15. My City Feat Jaycee Payaso Prod By Serm Style 4:21
16. Lil Chuckee - 16. Phil Jackson Feat Sean Garrett Prod By Sean Brown 4:27
17. Lil Chuckee - 17. Wheres Wayne Feat Lil Twist Nicki Minaj Gudda Gudda Jae Millz 4:05
18. Lil Chuckee - 18. Counting Up The Paper Feat Jody Breeze Short Dawg Prod By Td3K 4:31
19. Lil Chuckee - 19. So So No Feat Joey Da Y, Fiend, Pnc, Jack Spratt & Mack Maine 7:45
20. Lil Chuckee - 20. Final Countdown Prod By Serm Style 2:04
21. Lil Chuckee - 21. Bonus Track - 808 Feat Baby Sis Prod By Pace-O 4:54
22. Lil Chuckee - 22. Bonus Track - What U Lookin At Feat Issa 3:22
23. Lil Chuckee - 23. Bonus Track - Nice Day Feat G Fresh Travis Porter Prod By G Fresh 4:07
24. Lil Chuckee - 24. Bonus Track - Warming Up Prod By Pace-O 4:19

    6 Responses to “Lil Chuckee – Charles Lee Ray”

  1. Sneakerhead says:

    Young Money is stacking the squad…..All Stars from the starting five!

    Reppin HARD!!!!!!!!

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  2. denzell holcomb says:

    lil chuckee is so fuckin weak he dont even curse in hiis song s da only mutherfuckers in young money dat is goin somewhere is tyga, drake, nicki minaj, wayne da rest can fall back real talk

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  3. Brandon Gammons says:


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  4. chris jacobs says:

    no fucking shit lil chuckie wants to be like lil wayne he is a lil ass kid man and for denzell you such a dumbass ofcourse he doesnt cuss and guess who your damn kids are going to be listening to when they get older

    GD Star Rating

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