Maybach Dice – Statue Of Liberty In Miami

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Description: Maybach Dice is an artist currently signed to Rick Ross under his Maybach Music Group imprint through a joint venture deal with Bang'em Smurf. This mixtape "Statue of Liberty in Miami" is prelude to "Palm Trees in New York"

Maybach Dice – Statue Of Liberty In Miami Tracklist

1. Maybach Dice - Secrets 3:24
2. Maybach Dice - Blowin Money Fast Remix 1:50
3. Maybach Dice - Loyalty 2:18
4. Maybach Dice - Which One Should I Drive ft. Boxie Elise 5000 3:29
5. Maybach Dice - Audio Dope 1:36
6. Maybach Dice - Many Men Preview 2:01
7. Maybach Dice - Song In My Head 1:18
8. Maybach Dice - Replay Remix 3:09
9. Maybach Dice - Real Nia 3:31
10. Triple Cs - Throw It In the Sky ft. Rick Ross Maybach Dice Webbie Frank Lini Remix 4:27
11. Maybach Dice - What The Streets Made Me 2:50
12. Maybach Dice - Gone Remix 1:50
13. Maybach Dice - Crosstown Shakedown ft. Chinx Drugz 2:59
14. Maybach Dice - Power 2:33
15. Maybach Dice - Quiet Storm ft. Young Breed Rick Ross 2:29
16. Maybach Dice - Palm Trees In New York 1:59

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