Mizzori – Paranormal EP

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Description: "Mizzori is a 28 yr old independent hip hop artist from Tampa, FL, by way of South Jersey. As co-CEO of Pyramid Kings Entertainment, Mizzori is ready to take mainstream music by storm in 2012. "Paranormal EP" is the dramatic biopic of the current state of hip hop in the newly digital age witnessed by the artist Mizzori. Summa Cum Loudly LLC, managed by Nes Barrett CEO and executive producer Mo Hall aka MO$GETTIN, assisted Mizzori with the artist management and music production portion of the album. SCL is proud to say that "Paranormal EP" is an album that aims to compliment the best works of many legendary rap releases during the 94-97 Miafiaso era of Hip Hop music. Rap fans if you are sleeping on Mizzori then no worries cause I'm sure you was already getting slept on! A&Rs Mizzori is a free agent, so please bank this as the official demo. Mizzori is prepared to join any future upcoming tour schedules or showcase performances so we look forward to your contact! Lastly in all respect to Mizzori's fans, ENJOY!!! Like Ye', thank you and your welcome... "- Nes Barrett CEO Summa Cum Loudly LLC

Mizzori – Paranormal EP Tracklist

1. Mizzori - 01 - Mizzori - Paranormal Intro Produced By Mo Hall 2:58
2. Mizzori - 02 - Mizzori - MobOn My Way Produced By Mo Hall 3:37
3. Mizzori - 03 - Mizzori Ft Mo Hall - I Be Gettin Paper Produced By Mo Hall 3:29
4. Mizzori - 04 - Mizzori - Aint Got It Produced By Mo Hall 3:40
5. Mizzori - 05 - Mizzori - Break It Down Produced By R Johnson 4:06
6. Mizzori - 06 - Mizzori - Flashing Produced By Mo Hall 3:51
7. Mizzori - 07 - Mizzori - Dont Be Afraid Produced By Mo Hall 2:36
8. Mizzori - 08 - Mizzori - Breaking Lights Produced By Mo Hall 2:21
9. Mizzori - 09 - Mizzori Ft Boomoney - Give You All Produced By Nataye 2:50
10. Mizzori - 10 - Mizzori - Everywhere Produced By Nataye 2:48
11. Mizzori - 11 - Mizzori Ft Jtb And Paranoia - I Sware Produced By Paranoia 4:22
12. Mizzori - 12 - Mizzori - Glory Produced By Paranoia 4:12
13. Mizzori - 13 - Mizzori - If I Ever Produced By Shaq D And Mizzori 4:24
14. Mizzori - 14 - Mizzori - Repent Produced By Shabazz Bonus Track 3:20

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  1. Such a great intro. The first words “The meek shall inherit the earth”. It also sounds like a trip hop song and I love me some trip hop.

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