Nikki Lynette – Roses N’ Guns 2 (The Badder Assed Mixtape That Rocks) (The Rematch)

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Nikki Lynette - Roses N' Guns 2 (The Badder Assed Mixtape That Rocks) (The Rematch), 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
Description: Nikki Lynette brings you part 2 of her "Roses N' Guns" mixtape, listen and download it.

Nikki Lynette – Roses N’ Guns 2 (The Badder Assed Mixtape That Rocks) (The Rematch) Tracklist

1. Nikki Lynette - Small Wonder part Deux 1:45
2. Nikki Lynette - Shut the F Up Boy The declaration of Rosey Gunz 4:01
3. Nikki Lynette - My Reputation 2:52
4. Nikki Lynette - The Beautiful People 3:26
5. Nikki Lynette - Nobody Loves Me 3:08
6. Nikki Lynette - Little Shop Of Whores 2:27
7. Nikki Lynette - Pick a Side ft. Dwele 3:39
8. Nikki Lynette - And Your Bird Can Sing ft. I Fight Dragons 4:24
9. Nikki Lynette - Crash Burn 3:59
10. Nikki Lynette - Mermaid ft. Jav June 3:16
11. Nikki Lynette - Out of the Air 4:31
12. Nikki Lynette - Young Dumb 3:12
13. Nikki Lynette - Bird Word 2.0 2:24
14. Nikki Lynette - Cat Lady 2:48
15. Nikki Lynette - Walk Away The Emo Original Version 4:11
16. Nikki Lynette - Outta Line 2:29
17. Nikki Lynette - Live and Let Die 3:38
18. Nikki Lynette - Crossroads ft. Krayzie Bone 4:09

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