Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon Mixtape

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Description: Here’s Nipsey Hussle’s new mixtape titled The Marathonan which debut on his website iHussle.com (good name) on today. Something nice to hold you over until 2011.

Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon Mixtape Tracklist

1. Nipsey Hussle - Love 2:44
2. Nipsey Hussle - Keys 2 The City 4:36
3. Nipsey Hussle - Mr. Untouchable ft. Kokane 3:18
4. Nipsey Hussle - Blue Laces ft. 1500 4:12
5. Nipsey Hussle - A Million 2:04
6. Nipsey Hussle - Top Down 2:24
7. Nipsey Hussle - Young Rich and Famous 2:27
8. Nipsey Hussle - U Dont Got a Clue 1:39
9. Nipsey Hussle - 7 Days A Week 2:32
10. Nipsey Hussle - Late Nights and Early Mornings 2:18
11. Nipsey Hussle - I Be Killen Um 1:53
12. Nipsey Hussle - Call From the Bank ft. MGMT 2:59
13. Nipsey Hussle - Grindmode 3:03
14. Nipsey Hussle - Dreamin 2:05
15. Nipsey Hussle - The Crown 1:03
16. Nipsey Hussle - Mac 11 On The Dresser 2:40
17. Nipsey Hussle - One Take 3 2:47
18. Nipsey Hussle - I Dont Give a Fucc 8:58

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  1. jamie luzano says:

    Gangsta Rap at its finest..up and comin artist right here..Nipsey is killin em..,

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