Rhymefest – Dangerous 518 Mixtape

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Rhymefest - Dangerous 518 Mixtape, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Description: Rhymefest's Dangerous: 5-18 mixtape is eloquently mixed by DJ RTC! Be on the lookout for a Court Dunn "One Shot" video for "Letter" to be appearing in the next week or so. Rhymefest's sophomore LP, El Che, will be released on 5-18-2010!!

Rhymefest – Dangerous 518 Mixtape Tracklist

1. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Letter featuring John Mayer 3:25
2. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Intro 0:40
3. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Martyr 3:07
4. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - How High featuring Little Brother 3:36
5. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Familiar Faces 4:48
6. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - In Between 1:30
7. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Bad Self featuring Rahzel and Large Professor 1:57
8. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Touch and Go featuring Kid Capri and Just Blaze 2:37
9. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Get Plugged feat. Twone Gabz Little Brother Elzhi of Slum Village 3:20
10. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Do It Again 4:52
11. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - What Do I Do 3:26
12. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Vibin 2:51
13. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Crack The Code featuring Skyzoo 4:06
14. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Do It To Death feat. Little Brother and Supasition 3:04
15. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Cant Help It featuring Twone Gabz 3:18
16. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Bring It Back 3:16
17. Rhymfest x DJ RTC - Outro 0:49

    6 Responses to “Rhymefest – Dangerous 518 Mixtape”

  1. Willy Power says:

    John Mayer mix…..nice.

    GD Star Rating
  2. Emory Howze says:

    Very nice! Rhymefest Storytelling!!!

    GD Star Rating
  3. patrick jimerson says:

    what do i do, familiar faces… beautiful

    GD Star Rating

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