Slim The Mobster – War Music Mixtape

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Description: After a few leaks from Dr. Dre’s alumni Slim The Mobster, we finally get his final project in War Music. With features from Snoop Dogg, Prodigy, Kendrick Lamar and more you know this one isn’t a disappoint. Listen and download it.

Slim The Mobster – War Music Mixtape Tracklist

1. Slim The Mobster - 01 Dreaming ft. Nikkie Grier 2:54
2. Slim The Mobster - 02 What Goes Up ft. Snoop Dog 2:30
3. Slim The Mobster - 03 Fuck You ft. Yummy Bingham 4:01
4. Slim The Mobster - 04 Falling Star ft. Nikki Grier and Sly 3:12
5. Slim The Mobster - 05 Back Against the Wall ft. Dr. Dre and Sly 3:28
6. Slim The Mobster - 06 Martyr ft. Prodigy 2:49
7. Slim The Mobster - 07 South Central Blues ft. D Brown 2:42
8. Slim The Mobster - 08 Whose House ft. Kendrick Lamar 3:29
9. Slim The Mobster - 09 See It 2:52
10. Slim The Mobster - 10 Gun Play 3:41
11. Slim The Mobster - 11 Take It Easy 1:37

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