Squadda B – Back Sellin Crack (Mixtape)

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Squadda B - Back Sellin Crack (Mixtape), 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Description: On the heels of the release of his partner Mondre’s M A N EP, the other half of Main Attrakionz, Squadda B, drops off a solo project of his own called Back Sellin Crack.

Squadda B – Back Sellin Crack (Mixtape) Tracklist

1. Squadda Bambino - Honda Accord 2:43
2. Squadda Bambino - Down Feat. Danny Brown 3:10
3. Squadda Bambino - Van Halen Feat. MondreMAN Shady Blaze 3:38
4. Squadda Bambino - Still CloudSkatin 1:03
5. Squadda Bambino - Rapgame 2:40
6. Squadda Bambino - Say that 2 Say This 3:49
7. Squadda Bambino - The GreenOva Way 2:41
8. Squadda Bambino - Leave the Tags on 2k12 Feat. MondreMAN 3:05
9. Squadda Bambino - Conversations Feat. MondreMAN 2:34
10. Squadda Bambino - All Star Feat. MondreMAN 2:29
11. Squadda Bambino - Cream SodaMama House 3:11
12. Squadda Bambino - Hail Squadda72 Bus Stop 7:15
13. Squadda Bambino - Outro Talk II 2:38

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  1. Abel adhanom says:

    ciao nigga i am bom bom bom boo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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