Trey Songz – #Lemmeholdatbeat

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Trey Songz - #Lemmeholdatbeat, 4.6 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
Description: The latest mixtape from the reigning R&B champ Trey Songs, it's called #Lemmeholdatbeat or Lemme Hold Dat Beat whichever you prefer. The mixtape features include Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, Fabolous and more. Happy Birthday to Trey Songz.

Trey Songz – #Lemmeholdatbeat Tracklist

1. TreySongz - Gone Too Long produced by @miles777 @romayo09 3:01
2. TreySongz - Runaway - Triggamix 5:51
3. TreySongz - Fuck Wit You No More -Triggamix 2:52
4. TreySongz - Aston Martin Music - Triggamix 3:53
5. TreySongz - Just Not Fair produced by @markthemogul 3:58
6. TreySongz - Dont Forget Your Ring produced by @_phenom_ 3:33
7. TreySongz - Right Above It - Triggamix feat @myfabolouslife 5:04
8. TreySongz - Sk Shit produced by @skmusic 3:28
9. TreySongz - Whatever You Want feat @SashaGomez prod by @markthemogul 3:58
10. TreySongz - For Yall produced by @romayo09 @darealrichez @troytaylorttu 5:56
11. TreySongz - Hate Me Now - Triggamix 3:34
12. TreySongz - May I produced by @_phenom_ 3:27
13. TreySongz - Monster - Trigga Mix 2:07
14. TreySongz - Maybe -Triggamix 2:55
15. TreySongz - Another One - Triggamix 4:00
16. TreySongz - Ten 4 produced by @_phenom_ 3:00

    5 Responses to “Trey Songz – #Lemmeholdatbeat”

  1. brittini clark says:

    luvin dis mixtape!! LUVN DA BEATS N OF COURSE TREY!…dis website is da best there iz! HANDS DOWN!!

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