50 Cent Turns 40 Today

Big birthday shout out to 50 Cent, he hits that big 40 today. Hard to believe “Get Rich or Die Tryin” was 12 years ago, selling 15 million copies to date. It’s one of the last Hip Hop albums to do those type of numbers.

50 is also credited with being the guy that created “the mixtape,” before him, only DJs were putting out mixtapes (circa 1999 Funkmaster Flex & DJ Clue), artist never put out entire mixtapes like they were albums before that, jacking people’s songs and making them better and then mixing them in with original tracks as well, releasing them independently to the streets.

The likes of Drake, Lil Wayne and even Kendrick Lamar have credited 50 Cent for being the one that inspired them to go the mixtape route and we all know what happened with their careers.

Everything you see today with mixtapes, 50 Cent can actually take credit for that with no debate required.

Happy born day to 50.

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