Beanie Sigel Offers Some Word of Advice to Meek Mill and AR-AB

I once again have to tip my hat to Drake in the little dust-up he had with Meek Mill a few weeks ago. Not only did he strategically put Hot 97 and Power 105.1 radio stations at odds he also managed to come at Meek from angles that no one could have foreseen.

On Drake’s Back to Back diss track, the unforeseen and single most dangerous line on that track was:

I waited four days, nigga, where y’all at?
I drove here in the Wraith playin’ AR-AB

AR-AB is a Philly native just like Meek but unlike Meek, his notoriety came more from what he does on a street level than his rap prowess. Ab and Meek were actually cool at one point, in fact when Meek and Cassidy were going back and forth, AR-AB took Meek’s side. This is particularly interesting because AB use to run with Cassidy and even took a bullet for him. AB even co-signed Meek’s street credibility as being a dude that’s really about that life.

Since then, though, things have gotten uglier and uglier. Unlike beefing with Drake, where it will be all raps, Meek beefing with AR-AB could get deadly and that’s not hype or exaggeration. This is Philly and even though they’re rapping, it’s deeper than that.

As this situation is very real, it’s now brought some real people in the issue.

One real individual, in particular, is one of the biggest to ever do it from Philly, Beanie Sigel.

If there’s anyone that can tell you a thing or two about beefing, it’ll be Beans. He took to Instagram to give some sound advice to both Meek Mill and AR-AB.

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