A Look at Nicki Minaj’s Custom Pinkprint Jordans

Queen Nicki continues to push the boundaries on what it means to be the number female in rap

Nicki Minaj Pinkprint Jordans 01

In this day and age rappers having their own sneaker is no big deal, long gone are the days when only the top 1% of Hip Hop artists were able to do that.

That being said not too many rappers can say that they have their own custom Jordans.

This is Nicki Minaj we’re talking about though, the queen of this rap ish, it’s only right that she would be the one that would be able to reveal her very own custom inkprint Jordans.

rapper who’s ever stepped FOOT in the sneaker game!!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO This is just a TASTE of the secret that’s about to be revealed!!!!! See ya in a sec BROOKLYN!!! Barclays CENTER. #JordanBRANDClassic ???? PrettyGANG bout to be LITTTTT Yeezy’s aint seein these! Let’s go!!!!! #ThisIzAMadCOCKYPostOrNAH?

The sneaker is sporting a predominantly pink look with a bit of gold metallic on the upper, shiny gold wrap around the patent leather panel and purple soles. The inside is also bright pink, with light pink laces to complete the ensemble.

As Nicki said, this is just the beginning so expect more to come from Pinkprint Jordan collection.

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