Drake Sells More Albums Than Meek Mill This Week

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It's looking so shaky out here for Meek and I don't even think he's aware of it. Yesterday we found out that he just like Drake, the guy he's been accusing has been getting help with his raps as well. Many have been speculating that this was all a publicity stunt to boost album sales for Meek.

The numbers which never lie, suggests otherwise. There has been no uptick in album sales for Meek since the spark of the battle, as things progress it became even more apparent that Meek might actually be taking an “L” in this situation.

We know that Drake's Back To Back is selling on iTunes and getting played like an official single in the clubs, meanwhile Meek's Wanna Know is nowhere to be found.

This gets even worse for Meek this week, as Drake's “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” album sells more than Meek's “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” this wouldn't be such a big deal except that Drake's album has been out for 6 months now, while Meek album has been out a little bit over a month.

This week, Meek's album sold 6,378 units (20,878 including streams), while Drake's album sold 7,826 units (23,715 including streams) with his mixtape-turned-album.

Drake Sells More Albums Than Meek Mill This Week

If this whole thing was supposed to help Meek, it's clear that something has gone terribly wrong.


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