Future Disses Ciara & Promises Another Classic Album

I feel your pain Future but things like this are not meant for social media

Nearly 3 years ago, Future started a relationship with Ciara and the world was introduced to the power couple and fell in love with them, this relationship was solidified in the singer’s hit-single, “Body Party.”

No one would have guessed that shortly after their son Zahir was born, they called off their engagement and it’s been all down hill from there.Last year while interviewing with The Breakfast Club, Future hinted at the fact that there might be conflict between the two, with his son being around individuals he didn’t approve of.

Fast forward to the present day things have gotten worse, so bad to point where a frustrated Future decides t air his private business via social media. He tied it all up in a bow by randomly saying his next project will be a classic.

See the tweets below.





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