Future – Mask Off (Remix) (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Future’s “Mask Off” single is the hottest record in the streets a the moment, so it’s only right that one of Hip Hop’s leading MCs Kendrick Lamar adds some bars for a fire remix.

“Platinum, platinum, platinum
Gotta look at self and ask what happened
How y’all let a conscious nigga go commercial
While only makin’ conscious albums?
How y’all let the braids on TV?
How y’all let the hood at the table?
Now y’all don’t even know how to rate him
Niggas lookin’ like I’m a created player
Everybody who didn’t pay respect
Gotta ‘fess up now and pay ya debts
Gotta lay somethin’ down if makin’ threats
Gotta say somethin’ now, don’t hold ya breath”

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