Hip-Hop Is Now The Most Streamed Music Genre in the World

We may not be the highest selling music genre but that doesn’t mean we’re not the most popular. It’s clear that streaming is the future of music consumption, no matter how much artists hate, that’d just the way its going to be.

On that note, we’re proud that Hip-Hop is the most streamed genre in the world as the young audience tends to gravitate towards play music online rather than downloading it.

According to New York Times, hip-hop comprises 17% of all industry album sales and 26% of streams. As well, the genre’s share of the top 500 artists on Spotify is up 16% from 2014,plus it is dominating the other genres in first-week streams this year.

For comparison, the best week for a rock group in 2015 was Mumford & Sons’ Wilder Mind, which garnered 15.4 million streams its first week in May. In the meantime, we have Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late raking in 48 million streams in its first weekly cycle out, Drizzy and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive scoring 40.3 million streams, and Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly – 38 million.

A part from that statistics above, separate data provided by Nielsen senior analyst David Bakula, reveals 60% of hip-hop/R&B streams are songs that are over 18 months old. In other words, users are not streaming only the newest albums, but also jam to older material.

Score one for the old school.

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