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JOYRYDE – Windows (feat. Rick Ross) [Video]

EDM producer JOYRYDE teams up with Rick Ross for a new joint called Windows, if Ross' verse sounds familiar that's because it was originally a verse from Nipsey Hussle's Crenshaw mixtape on a track called The Weather.

End of last year I got a message said ‘ wanna make a record with SHAQ? ‘ .. yeah it was Shaquille O’neal. while making it I used a Rick Ross vocal in place and sent it over, next day the phone rang and Shaq told me he really dug the record, my soundcloud and told me he ‘ sent it to my homie Ross who thought it was f*****g real dope ‘. conflicting schedules halted our work to finish it, so we made the choice to release the native version.

Ross says dope, Shaq says dope, hope you do too rydrz.. CRUSE WITH THOSE WINDOWS DOWN.

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