Kim Kardashian Letting It All Show in LOVE Magazine

If you thought that Paper magazine shoot was anything special, it's got nothing on LOVE

Let the hate and judgement begin, it’s your favourite socialite’s favourite socialite. Kim Kardashian is at it again with yet another photo shoot that everyone will have an opinion on. Last year the interwebs went crazy when her iCloud photos leaked, then she almost broke the Internet with her Paper magazine shoot.

Now in 2015 just when you thought there’s nothing else to look at, she’s back at it once more this time with LOVE Magazine for their Spring/Summer 2015 issue.

She shows a little more in this “Kim Wears Prada” spread, going frontal while still showing off some of the new Prada collection the Italian brand has on hand for the Spring.

The photo shoot was handled by Steven Klein, who did a great job. He placed her by the poolside, on a mattress, outside her hotel door naked, inside a phone booth and on the staircase with only a purse and heels on.

Of course people are going to have a million and one comments about Kim not having anything on again, but in her defense (I know, I can’t believe it either) this was actually a pretty stylish and tasteful shoot, and very much commonplace for various French, Italian and European based magazines.

What can I say…I like it.

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