Meek Mill Disses Drake: Says He Doesn’t Write His Own Rhymes

Even though he has the number the number one album in the country two weeks in a row, the Queen of Rap on his arm, hit records on the radio – Meek still isn’t happy with everything happening in the world of Hip Hop.

Meek set Twitter on fire yesterday when he shared his frustrations with being compared to Drake and he also called Drake out for not writing his own Rhymes.

The is odd considering Meek and Drake have collaborated a couple times with the latest effort being R.I.C.O and is featured on Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money album. The hilly native said he would have never put that song on his album if he knew Drake didn’t write it.

He even went on to say he wouldn’t even rock with someone at the level of Jay Z if he didn’t write his own rhymes, no shade of course.

It was later on reported that this could all be as a result of Drake not making it to Meek Mill’s homecoming show in Philly.

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