Meek Mill Will Be Coming For Drake on “Dreamchasers 4” Mixtape

Meek Mill is stuck in a sort of Hip Hop limbo, he's managed to have the best a worst year of his rap career at the same time

Meek Mill is stuck in a sort of Hip Hop limbo, he’s managed to have the best and worst year of his rap career thus far. He released a number 1 album, hit record and now has the Queen of Rap on his arm. At the same time, he’s spent the last half of the year fighting a losing battle against Drake, a fight he started by the way.

Things appear to be bleak for Meek at the moment, especially with Back To Back now being nominated for a Grammy and facing possible jail time.

That doesn’t mean its over though, Meek is still one of the top tier guys in rap and isn’t going to take this lying down, he can’t afford to.

His pending and highly anticipated mixtape Dreamchasers 4 could be arriving any day now, most likely sooner than later with the jail time looming.

Although the Meek Mill vs Drake hype has died down, there’s been speculation that Meek will have words for Drizzy on the upcoming mixtape.

Below are some snippets from the “Dreamchasers 4” mixtape.

One thing is for certain, whatever Meek Mill has in store, better be nothing short of amazing, especially given the amount of time he has had, he also needs to make up for that Wanna Know record.

It better be Ether.

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