Michael B. Jordan Will Be Directing Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” Video

Last year, Bryson Tiller lit a new flame in the R&B universe with his T R A P S O U L EP. The campaign for that project is still in full effect as he aims to release a new music video. During a recent talk with Apple Music, Bryson revealed that he's linking up with one of Hollywood's hottest young actors right now, Michael B. Jordan, who will direct the video for his “Exchange” single.

“He’s like the homie. I’m actually talking to him. He reached out to me a while ago and just showing love for the music after T R A P S O U L dropped. He just said he wanted to work on some stuff with me so we’re actually gonna work together to do the video for ‘Exchange.’ He’s gonna direct it. I don’t know when we’re shooting that, though. Hopefully, in the next few months.”

In addition, Bryson also spoke on the possibility of working with The Weeknd on some new music, how “Proof” ended up on Chris Brown‘s Royalty album

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