Doing Too Much: Drake Fan Tattoos His Appreciation For “IYRTITL”

Please.....make it stop

If you thought Drake was losing steam or thought the popularity of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late wasn’t real, well think again.

Now look, there’s nothing wrong with showing your favourite artist some love, it’s all good. You can buy their album, go to their concert or @ them on social media. Well for some of us, that’s just not enough.

The pain of a tattoo is known to many and presumed by the rest, but this fresh picture of the inking reminds us the length that this fan went to in order to acknowledge the Toronto rapper.

The crazy thing though, he’s not the first, in fact Chicago rapper, King Louie tattooed his face in the name of Drake. Yup, you read that correctly.

Check out the photo below.

You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

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