Omarion – Post To Be (feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko) [Video]

Omarion knew he had a hit on his hands the moment he got in the studio with Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko to make this “Post To Be” record, it was only a matter of time before a music video arrived to accompany the smash single.

The music video which was directed by Jay Ahn and Omarion himself, is a very simple performance based video, that just shows the three artists performing against a white backdrop with a few added visuals of cars and a beautiful woman.

Not much dancing as you would expect from the likes of Omarion and Chris Brown but they did trade a few basic moves towards the end of the video, Jhene Aiko on the other hand who isn't known for her dance moves was her usual pretty self walking back and forth while rocking to the beat.

Post To Be is from Omarion's “S*x Playlist” album which is in stores now.

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