Rick Ross Disses 50 Cent, Makes Fun of Him Filing for Bankruptcy

While on his promo run for his album “Black Market,” which will be his last on Def Jam, he stopped by the world’s most dangerous morning show The Breakfast Club to talk about a few different topics.

First he spoke about his groundskeeper lawsuit, which is the reason why he remains nder house arrest, Rozay took shots at 50 Cent.

When he was questioned about 50 Cent posting a photo with the plaintiff on Instagram and his lawyers suggesting this was the G-Unit leader’s revenge for losing the $7 million lawsuit against Ross’ baby mother, the MMG head honcho implied his foe is simply bitter because of his bankruptcy. He also called 50 and the groundskeeper “losers.”

I’d probably be in my emotions as well if my first album was titled Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and I filed bankruptcy,” Ricky said. “I guess his kidneys failed.”

In addition, Ross also bragged it’s “appropriate” 50 Cent being ordered to pay $7 million to his baby mother. He also talked about being able to use 50 Cent’s baby mama and expose him but declined after hearing the price. Watch the entire interview below.


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