Teyana Taylor Takes it Off in Latest Photo Shoot

Many of these celebrity and social media female personalities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & Beyonce etc all look amazing but guess what? Most of them have to put it on, Teyana Taylor however; is one of the few that wakes up like that.

She has a natural beauty about her, that’s why all these magazines and beauty brands want her. Through all of this she also still maintains her home girl down to earth street smart appeal, which is rare.

For her latest photo shoot, Teyana recently got covered in gold and posed for a steaming hot session shot by LA-based photographer Sasha Samsonova. Channeling her inner Grace Jones, Taylor shows it all in the 5-piece shoot. We are telling you, guys, these easily are some of the best explicit flicks this year by far.

Peep some of the shots below.

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