Tian Winter – Ms Set Good (Remix)

Doc Jones (drummer, producer) and Jester (dj, producer) make up the duo Doc & Jes. They’re on my list of favourite producers on SoundCloud, they do something that’s very difficult to do, they take already hot records (usually Soca, Reggae & Dancehall) and make them even hotter.

Think about how hot Rihanna’s “Work” single is right now, these guys could make that even better, they’re that good.

My favourite remix from the duo at the moment is the remix of Soca artist Tian Winter’s 2015 summer smash “Ms Set Good.” They took the Set Good Riddim and added some EDM cadence to it which added a whole new aesthetic, but at the same time maintained the original essence of the record which isn’t easy to do.

This is the type of song you’d hear played at the Dudstep stage at Festivals like Tomorrow World and they’ll label it Tropical House because they’re unfamiliar with Caribbean music. That’s the trend at the moment.

Those who are from the culture know better though, this is clearly a Soca song.

The last thing we need is yet another EDM music category, they’re already 13 of them.

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