Travis Scott – Maria I’m Drunk (feat. Justin Bieber & Young Thug)

Never thought there would be a scenario where I would say this but, Justin Bieber & Young Thug killed this joint.

Travis Scott’s debut album “Rodeo” is nothing short of dope, at first listen you find yourself being impartial to the overall vibe of the album. By the 3rd listen though, you start to get it and before you know it, you’re fully locked in.

Shortly after being locked in, you find yourself gravitating towards specific tracks, for me one of those particular tracks is “Maria I’m Drunk” featuring Bieber & Young Thug. This one is particularly ironic because I don’t really rock with Justin Bieber or Young Thug individually but their odd pairing on this record with Travis Scott makes for an irresistible banger.

I currently have this one on repeat, check it out.

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