OG Maco on Quentin Miller Blaming Him for Drake Ghost Writer Scandal

OG Maco recently sat down with VladTV where he addressed Quentin Miller refusing to say his name and referring to Maco as “that other rapper from Atlanta” during his VladTV interview. The “Talk Too Much” rapper explained that he considers Quentin, his friend, and added that he wasn't the person who ousted Quentin as an alleged ghostwriter for Drake, as Maco pointed out that Meek was already tweeting about Quentin before he wrote anything.

OG Maco also told DJ Vlad that he just wanted to see Quentin to succeed, and he thought Quentin was finally getting his shine, but he believes the WDNG Crshrs rapper threw it all away, adding that he “acted like a hoe a*s b****.” He also revealed that he knew songs that Quentin had worked on for Drake because he wrote the numbers down from “If You're Reading This It's Too Late” that had Quentin's signature sound. However, when he confronted him about writing the songs, he says Quentin denied everything and played off the situation.

To hear more of what OG Maco had to say, including how Meek contacted him when the Quentin Miller situation broke, hit the above clip.

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