Vybz Kartel x Masicka – InfraRed (Video)

InfraRed by Vybz Kartel and Masicka is the hottest Dancehall tune in the streets a the moment. Now it has a music video to accompany it.

Check it out.

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  • This video suxx this stickup shit they show in the video was played out in the 1990s in the U.S.A your about 20 years too late to be cool all I see is a bunch of punks saying sum shit you can't understand while drinking a gold bottle of ghetto juice don't you know what classy is invest in sum real shit this is the lowest of budget videos how many people did they Rob to rent that boat for about 15 min so they could shoot there 30 seconds of clip,sheesh these people in these 3rd world countries they so far behind of the times an yet they think there so fly,lol invest in sum real wemon to shoot In ya video sum hi class hoes not sum two dollar ghetto hookers you dressed up in dollar store bikinis....you people seem to amaze me in what u think is cool ..lmao maybe 20 years ago an still you would be behind....lmao.  Peace to this site ..I just want the idiots who made this song to see this ..an no don't free vybz he's a damn punk...no good for nothing,let him R.I.P. (Rot in Pieces). An im out.... Tha Dirty South Player