Wait, Drake Is Getting His Own Lipstick by Tom Ford?

Oh you're just trying to brake all the rules aren't you Drake

Are you looking for dude who gives zero fux about what folks think or say about him? Drake would be that guy, he seems to be in the headlines every single week and always seems to raise eyebrows whether good or bad.

The latest eyebrow raiser is that Tom Ford is set to release a new lipstick named after the Toronto rapper as part of the annual Lips & Boys collection.

Yey Yooooooo, pause bruh!

The collection will be out October 30th and was inspired by notable men in the designer’s life, and this particular lipstick will be sold in a mini-size in a deep burgundy shade.

Just me writing about this feels suspect, I don't know what's more ridiculous, the fact that Drake has a Lipstick or the fact that it's part of a collection called Lips & Boys.

Drake Lipstick

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