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Broner vs Maidana: Broner Gets Destroyed

Wow, what a great ending to a great year in boxing with two spectacular fights to close out 2013. Broner who has often said he models himself after the future hall of famer Floyd “Money” Maywheather, ran into a rude awakening in the form of hard hitting Marcos Maidana.

This was always the fight that would decide if Broner had what it takes to go up against real fighters. We've always seen him on the attack, he's a all offence fighter, with substantial power. It's always been one sided but what happens when he has to face power that's greater than his own?

He gets his a*s kicked, that's what happens.

Last night we saw what the flashy Broner's weaknesses were:

  1. He has defense game whatsoever, watch the first knockout, his hands were nowhere to be found. (Unlike Maywheather who might be one of the defense fighters ever)
  2. He's not a brawler, we've seen seen him paint other fighters with flurries of punches but against fighters that didn't possess legitimate power.  Broner tried that against Maidana and failed. The moment he realized the power he was facing,  he should have switched up his entire game plan and start boxing.

If your going to present your self as the next Maywherather, then they're a few things that cannot happen. You can't get knock down, can't get hurt badly, and you certainly can't loose.

This just in Broner, you're no Maywheather.

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