Katt Williams Arrested…Again, Accused of Attacking Own Bodyguard

The last 2 weeks of Katt Williams life has basically been a series of dismantling events, he’s literally falling apart right in front of us. On Sunday night, he sucker punched someone on stage in Philly which followed by him receiving a swift stomping from the guy he attacked and his crew.

Well, Katt is taking yet another L today has he’s in trouble with the authorities once again.

The troubled funnyman was booked into Hall County Jail on Tuesday afternoon after allegedly beating down one of his own bodyguards after the man refused to “engage in criminal activity as directed by Williams,” the Hall County sheriff said in a news release.

Jail records show that the 42-year-old Williams was booked on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and terroristic threats.

Bodyguard Corey Dixon was taken to Williams house late last month and beaten with a baseball bat and choked by 24-year-old Tatiana Smith, the release says. Williams himself also threatened to kill the bodyguard during the attack, authorities say.

You can read the full story here.

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