Kidd Kidd Out On $105,000 Bail

Kidd Kidd

One thing you can never say about 50 Cent, is that he doesn’t hold his people down. Yesterday Kidd Kidd posted bail which was put up by 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd got picked up by the police at The XXL 2015 Freshman Class concert, resulting in him missing his set for the  show. 50 Cent and G-Unit ended up performing on his behalf.

The arrest was for a domestic dispute which happened back in February, his lawyer, Scott Leemon, later explained what happened and called the allegations against his client “totally baseless.”

The G-Unit rapper posted $5,000 bond for his New York case in criminal court and another $100,000 for a New Orleans warrant after appearing in Supreme Court in front of the Judge Larry Stephen. The judge ordered Kidd Kidd to turn himself in to New Orleans police by Thursday end of day.

We are very happy that Judge Stephen did the right thing and allowed Kidd Kidd to turn himself in to New Orleans,” said Leemon. “These allegations are insane and our investigation will continue.”

After getting out of Rikers Island, Tony Yayo posted to Instagram a snap of Kidd Kidd having his first meal being out.

You can peep the photo below.

Kidd Kidd out of jail

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