The Game vs Young Thug: The Cash Money Fallout Continues

The Game shows his loyalty to Lil Wayne by sending some shots at Young Thug at one of his concert

The GameIt was only a matter of time before this Cash Money vs Young Money spectacle spilled over, now 3rd party affiliates will have to start taking sides.

The Game has made it very clear that his riding with Lil Wayne

At a recent concert, Game had some harsh words for Thugger, all of which basically amounted to a dare to come to L.A. and face the same fate as 40 Glocc.

“My nigga Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just Hollygrove… Anybody fuckin’ with TUne got a problem with me. I will fuck Young Thug up, I’m a piru, nigga!”

In the second clip, he added.

“I dare a pussy nigga to walk through California and say ‘fuck Wayne.’ I’ma do a nigga like I did 40 Glocc… I will fuck Young Thug up.”



Young Thug wastes no time responding to Game’s threats

“So you used to be a Crip and now you’re a Blood, so I don’t want no smoke with you, you got bloods and crips on your team. And you was a male stripper once before, so I don’t want to fight you, don’t want no germs from you pussy nigga. And you know I’m in L.A. more than Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he the governor, fuck nigga!”

Yeah except that Arnold hasn’t been the governor since 2011….

Game fires right back

Game wasted no time after seeing Young Thug’s video and he responds in kind adding more fuel to the flame.

It’s just a little back and fourth right now but this could very much get out of hand.

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